I have created numerous logos. Among them those for the Italian Society of Natural Science, the Cetacean Study Center, Tethys, some of the LIPU’s oasis, the European Cetacean Society and ICRAM (Central Institute for Marine Scientific and Technologic Research).

marchio-ICRAM2 ICRAM

Afrodite-72 Sistema Afrodite (ICRAM)

Societą-Scienze-Naturali3 Societą Italiana di Scienze Naturali

marchio-Tehys-nuovo2 Tethys

European-Cetacean-society2 European Cetacean Society

museodidattico2 Museo Didattico di Zoologia

MUSEO2 Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano

Lipu-oasi-torrile2Oasi LIPU Torrile

Venice-Dolphin-Project3 Venice Dolphin Project

Centro-Studi-Cetacei2 Centro Studi Cetacei